Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 31

Jail is way better when you got your fade on! =) And the Aryan Brotherhood guy gave me a slice of pizza! OMG! It tastes so good! I guess being an arch criminal has it's advantages... sometimes he gets special goodies. Fuck it though, I get out in 4.5 months. I'll stick to being a softy. Bad news, my wife's kitty cat died the other day... he was kitty War Machine I guess, I never met him. Sse's upset though; death is a motherfucker! Of course my 1st experience with it was my Dad dying in my arms, ugh. And the fucking morticians over-embalmed him so he looked like swollen shit at the viewing; cocksuckers! I can't stand funerals! But I went to one memorial service for my 8th grade best friend a year ago and REGRET not speaking! I was shy or whatever, and now the moment is gone, and I should have spoke! His name was Matt Katz. If you go to a funeral of a friend... say something if you feel like it. I feel guilty now, fuck!

OMG! There's an obnoxious fuck next door to me who yells and bangs on his bunk ALL day and night! COCKSUCKER! One of the guys here is getting "life" soon and says he's gonna slice him up with a razor... lol. Which reminds me, the other day this skinhead was yelling at a lame and said, "I'm gonna cut you into lil' pieces with a razor and then flush you down the toilet and it will be like you were never even here!" LMAO! That line cracks me up! Funny. What's not funny is how HUNGRY I am! Fuck! I just sit in my cell and wait for chow. At the other jail we always got extras, never here! And my 1st 6 months in, all my friends & fans were hookin me up with $ on the books, e-mails, or gift packs, but in this 7th month. I'm assed out! Makes me feel bad for the guys who go to prison for YEARS! I'm sure after all that time most everyone forgets about you. Shit, MOST of my "friends" haven't even e-mailed me, let alone drop me a buck. You really get to see who is there for you when you're in jail. People I never would have expected to, step up, and others, who I'd swear I'd hear from, are ghosts. Bet they'll be surprised when ol' War Machine ain't around anymore when they need me though... lol.

People are lame. I see some guys here (grown men) on the phone, straight screaming at their grandmothers for not sending them enough $ each week for snacks. While there I am, getting mad at my wife for sending me cards all the time because I know she needs every penny right now. Don't want to sound racist or whatever, but the blacks are the absolute worst about this. I dunno when or how it was put into their mentalities but they're all about bein' a "pimp" and "breaking they bitches pockets." LOL! Not just in jail either, they're always bragging how their GF's got good jobs, maybe 2, and how they give their checks to them and get themselves all nice shit and kick it all day and blah, blah. I'unno but I know I could never do that to a woman I cared about. Shit, I couldn't even use a girl like that that I didn't care for. At the same time though, women do it to men all the time... People. OMG!!

It smells so fucking bad right now! The loud, crazy, Persian guy from England just got "gassed." That's when someone shits and pisses in a ziplock coffee bag then slides it halfway under your door and jumps on it! LOL! His cell is prolly covered in shit! Fuck, I'm gagging just living next door! Yuck! That's what he gets though. In the hole, no one comes out of the cell at the same time so no one can fight/stab. So they "gas" the fuck-ups instead, nasty business. It's fun though cuz it kills the monotony a bit. Plus, I've been wanting to wring that dude's neck for the past week anyhow. Revenge is sweet... or stinky?? =)

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